1. 1.Make certain that your child continues to bite on the gauze pad for 15 to 20 minutes after leaving our office.  The biting pressure of the gauze stops the bleeding and allows better clotting.

  2. 2.Use the extra gauze we have provided when the initial gauze becomes overly wet.  Fold one or two gauze pads together into fourths and place it into the extraction site.  Then have your child bite firmly.

  3. 3.A slight oozing of blood for a day is normal.  Call our office if there is excessive bleeding.  Sometimes, a little blood mixed with saliva appears to be excessive bleeding.

  4. 4.Avoid spitting or using a straw because the sucking action may disturb the clot.

  5. 5.Avoid rinsing for one day.

  6. 6.Maintain a liquid diet for the first four hours and then a soft diet for the remainder of the day and the following day (soups, pasta, eggs, oatmeal, yogurt, gelatin, puddings, apple sauce, soft cheeses, mashed potatoes, and creamed spinach are examples of soft foods).  Avoid hot foods.

  7. 7.Be careful and watch that your child does not accidentally bite or scratch the numb cheek, tongue or lip.  It can happen very quickly!  The numbness generally lasts one or two hours.

  8. 8.If there is any discomfort after the numbness wears off, give your child the appropriate dosage of acetaminophen (Tylenol) if your child is not allergic.

  9. 9.Gentle brushing and gentle rinsing with warm salt water (1 tsp. to 8 oz. glass of water) can begin the morning following the extraction.  A clean mouth will heal more quickly.  Continue the rinsing for several days and longer if there is a problem keeping the area clean.

  10. 10. Please call our office if you have any questions of concerns.


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