What to Expect at Your Child’s Operative Appointment

  There are a few considerations to make an operative visit a pleasant one. Parents are welcome to join us during treatment, and we provide them with a designated chair. Remember that during this visit our attention is focused on your child and ensuring his/her comfort. It is imperative to allow us to speak directly with your child during the treatment, using child appropriate words. 

  We  ask that only one parent (or adult guardian)  be in the room with the child in order to avoid confusion during treatment time. If you need to bring other children, please understand that they will be asked to stay in the reception area so that we may attend to your child without distraction. Keep in mind that these appointments entail a minor surgical procedure  If you do have questions please feel free to ask them before the beginning of the procedure to avoid any confusion, which may affect your child’s behavior.

  When we prep a tooth for dental work, we use “Jelly Sticks”, which are long Q-Tips with a topical anesthetic, to numb the gum tissue before the injection, or “Sleepy Juice”. Because we are numbing an area of the mouth and not just a single tooth, careful observation is needed  to avoid injury to the tongue, cheek, or lip tissue, as all will be numb in addition to the teeth. After the appointment, your child will be very numb or “sleepy” and the area may feel “fat and tingly”. The numbing will last for approximately 1 hour but the child will be able to eat and drink immediately after the appointment.

  To aid in the numbing, some children will have Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen analgesia recommended to help with both the “Sleepy Juice” and any nervousness that the child may have. If your child has been recommended for the use of Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen, there are a few reminders to take note of. Because of the Nitrous Oxide, children  may feel as if  they are “floating” and their hands and feet will feel “tingly”. On occasion, this effect has made some children feel as if  they are on a a boat and can make them feel ill – especially if they’ve  had a large meal prior to the appointment. If your child is going to have Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen we recommend a light meal no less than two hours before the appointment. As the numbness wears away, children often become irritated, so as a prophylactic measure, we usually recommend that you give your child either Children’s Motrin or Children’s Tylenol. This will help to ease the change in sensation as the numbness wears away.

  As always, we are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have after the appointment.

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